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Stanford Coaching, LLC - CPCC, ACC,
Value Builder Advisor


Coaching school prepared you to make a tremendous impact in the world, but it didn’t prepare you to be a business owner.  

The purpose of this Business Success for Coaches Presentation is to empower independent coaches to create a profitable and sustainable business.

Coaching school prepared you to make a tremendous impact in the world, but it didn’t prepare you to be a business owner.  

Achieving success as an independent coach requires you learn the ins and outs of managing a business.

The one obstacle standing in the way of most coaching practices being wildly successful is a lack of business strategy. 

In this presentation we will cover the most fundamental aspects of business strategy that you must understand and work through to take your business to the next level.


Corey Stanford’s mission is to support coaches in their quest to financial freedom by helping them achieve their own vision of being wildly successful as a coach. He develops training and development systems to help coaches implement realistic strategies to reach their business goals and desired income.

Corey earned his Executive MBA from The University of Arkansas and a BS in Health from The University of Texas. After a decade of training and coaching leaders and sales teams in the wellness industry of corporate America, he launched an independent coaching and business consulting practice, Stanford Coaching, LLC.

His work with coaches involves a blend of coaching, training and consulting. He brings his business expertise to help coaches strengthen the business side of their business so they can multiply their income and impact.

His primary clientele are external coaches seeking to build a thriving business. What sets Corey apart in the industry of “coaches coaching coaches” is that Corey brings nuts and bolts business expertise to his training and coaching. He will develop your business acumen to get you real results 
Corey developed the Business Success for Coaches programs that serves emerging coaches in developing a profitable and sustainable business.

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