Xavier Garcia-Weibel



From function to passion

In this session, Xavier will share his experience about how he is currently transitioning from a corporate role to growing a coaching & leadership business. He will offer strategies based on approaches such as design-thinking to create compelling value propositions addressing customer needs. Last, Xavier will evoke both his failures and his first successes as part of his entrepreneurial journey.


Xavier has a proven track record in entrepreneurship and has occupied various managerial roles in large IT-Telecom Groups such as Orange and Swisscom in the USA, France and Switzerland. Positions include Business Innovation Manager, IT Governance Lead and Strategy Manager. He has conducted cross-organization strategic projects across most corporate divisions and has first-hand experience in dealing with corporate politics and stakeholders.

A passionate corporate trainer, Xavier specialises in powerful experiential-learning workshops focusing on developing Leadership and Innovation in organisations. He is currently designing the first Human-Centric Leadership training curriculum in partnership with Swisscom.

Xavier is a Certified Professional Co-active® Coach (CPCC), and Professional Certified Coach (PCC) by the International Coaching Federation. He coaches professionals so they may unleash the power of innovation in their life, business and career. 
Xavier is also a speaker and moderator of innovation for the IT-Telecom industry at Solvay/Ponts School MBA, Paris and M.Sc. HEG-VD, HES-SO, Lausanne, Switzerland. 
He is fluent English, French & Spanish with a good command of German and Italian.
In his spare time, Xavier enjoys hiking with his dog, practicing meditation and is a fan of heroic fantasy.

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