The ABCs Of Writing Copy That Resonates, Engages and Connects

How does a blog post go viral? How does a Facebook post get shared? How do you create an engaged audience that follows you, convert into clients and refers you to other folks in their network? Connecting with your target audience on a level that creates engagement and conversion requires a lot more than just writing what you think they want to hear. It has to come from YOUR personal story, your unique perspective. It has to come from the gut. In this session, Laura Miolla will identify the most common problems writers face in connecting with their target audience, as well as strategies and solutions for writing content that will reinforce your brand and maximize your reach.


Laura is an accomplished coach supporting individuals across a range of personal and professional issues from leadership development and organizational strategy to relationships, divorce and loss. As a catalyst for new perspectives, she enables individuals to embrace their authenticity with vision, clarity, purpose and passion and helps teams create engagement, connection and alignment. The far-reaching impact of her work is nothing less than the positive transformation of clients’ personal lives, professional careers and overall health. Based in the United States, Laura has coached individuals all over the world including Spain, Kenya, Colombia, Singapore and the UK. 

Laura holds a Master of Arts degree from Tufts University and is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and Mediator. Her background includes 20+ years in marketing strategy and business development work in management and technology consulting, healthcare and life sciences, including roles as Vice President Business Development, Consultant and Advisory Board member. She has provided consulting, coaching and mediation in a variety of settings for individuals, teams, CEOs and senior management. 

Laura is especially adept at working with companies, as a coach and freelance writer, to translate vision and values into brand messages and strategic communications that create audience engagement, connection and advocacy. She is also an accomplished writer with published articles for Huffington Post, Fox News Magazine, Thought Catalog,,,, Solo Parent Magazine and Unlocked Magazine.

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