Sarah Moore


Live Streaming To Give And To Get

In this day and age where the customer attention span is ever dwindling, the savvy business (or marketer) needs to be doing three things; Giving value, listening and engaging with their customer. Live streaming allows for this in an authentic, organic way where the brand or business is able to give, listen and engage but also 'get' from it the very thing they vie for - customer attention. This session will look at ways to do all of these things and how that will differentiate them from the rest.


Specialising in assisting bricks & mortar businesses, Sarah’s focus is very much on the development of social business strategies that truly deliver results, which are easily attainable by the owners of each individual business.

As a social media strategist Sarah is passionate about content creation, & driven by a desire to help others. Specifically, Sarah has grabbed the metaphorical live-streaming bull by its horns and leveraged the beast for business by building her email list, showcasing her authority in the social arena, securing clients and contributing to the 2016 Periscope Summit (San Francisco) as an international speaker. Her ability to harness live streaming and social media together has also allowed her to help others do the same. She is passionate about utilising this ground breaking technology to help businesses differentiate themselves in order to win the one thing every business is after – customer attention. This has led to her becoming one of the go to resources for business owners and managers alike.

Now regularly mixing with key influencers both online and off, Sarah is consistently invited to industry discussions, because of the high standard of her thought leadership and own unique perspectives.

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