You Can't Fake Life!

There is no faking life. Maybe how you are meant to use your coaching gifts is not as straightforward as you thought. Are you limiting your potential by boxing yourself into the coaching stereotype?

Intended Impact:

  • Honesty
  • Compassion
  • Excitement
  • Transformation
  • Innovation
  • Fun!

Intended Outcome:

  • Find out if we are in a box.
  • Distinguish between limiting voices in our mind and the system’s voice.
  • Connecting to our essence instead of reacting to our ‘head’.
  • Learning the simple nature of our essence.
  • The simpler it is the more essence is present.
  • We listen to our essence more than just our mind.


Szos St. Germain is a Paradigm Shifter. He and his partner Adi Breuer exist to cultivate consciousness. For their clients, they do this by transforming limitations. They help cultures recognize and achieve their full potential and teach them how to sustain it on their own.

Szos St. Germain’s expertise is to help clients navigate parts of themselves that would normally be shutdown by active defense mechanisms. With compassion and honesty he helps clients drop their 'shoulds' and step into their power to create from their essence.

Szos has worked with leaders and teams to bring awareness of limiting patterns that sabotage productivity, infect all stages of the strategy process, and threaten success. With 20 years of mindfulness training in addition to extensive coach and leadership training, Szos has worked with leading public and private organizations including Stantec, Teach for America and Open Media Foundation.

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